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Army NCO Pro Service for 1 year

Let our team of experienced former Noncommissioned Officers write your next NCOER, Military Award or Customized Counseling Example. Features of this service include:

  • Fast Turnaround Time Of Your Completed Forms By Email
  • Over 60 Counseling Statement Examples in PDF Format
  • Free Quarterly Updates sent to you by Email
  • 24/7 Support via Email and Live Chat
  • Download to your Smart Phone or Tablet so you can work anywhere
  • Includes the Army Legal Handbook, Senior NCO and NCOER Guides
  • Money Back Guarantee                                                                                                                     

Includes the following Counseling Examples

Overweight Counseling   ------------------- Excess Leave
Overweight Prior to BLC ------------------- Travel Pass
Monthly Overweight        ------------------- Emergency Leave
Underweight Counseling ------------------- Motorcycle Safety
Underweight Counseling ------------------- Redeployment Safety
Low APFT Score Prior to BLC ------------ Safety Counseling
APFT Failure ---------------------------------- No Contact Order
Diagnostic APFT Failure ------------------- Inappropriate Relations
Magic Statement ----------------------------- Protective Order
Improper Use of Prescription Drugs ---- Off Limits Areas
Letter of Reprimand ------------------------- Fraternization
Failure to Conduct Risk Assessment --- Bar To Continued Service
Disobeying an Order ------------------------ Tuition Assistance
DUI ---------------------------------------------- GT Score Improvement
Drunk on Duty -------------------------------- Off Duty Employment
Under Age Drinking ------------------------- Initiate FLAG
Hazing ------------------------------------------ Transfer FLAG
Failure to Report ----------------------------- Lift FLAG
Late For Duty --------------------------------- Promotion Counseling
Soldier Debt ----------------------------------- Monthly Counseling
Disrespect ------------------------------------- BLC Counseling
Good Conduct Medal Not Approved --- Late/Failed Appointments
Corrective Training ------------------------- Failure to Follow the Chain of Command
Government Travel Card ----------------- Loss Military Property
Initial Counseling PVT-SPC ------------- Lost Military ID Card
NCO Quarterly Counseling -------------- AWOL
Good Job Counseling --------------------- AWOL Letter Home
Family Care Plan -------------------------- AWOL Point Paper
Initial Family Care Plan ------------------ Domestic Issues
Invalid Family Care Plan ---------------- Marriage Counseling

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